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LLDC4 – 17 May 2023

Fourth Leiden Linguistic Diversity Colloquium


Language diversity in China


Jeroen Wiedenhof

LUCL, Universiteit Leiden


1. Linguistic diversity
2. Topics
3. What I can offer

1. Linguistic diversity

A world of languages






2. "Topics"

In terms of fields


– rather than: languages in China

  • semantics
  • phonetics
  • phonology
  • morphology
  • syntax
  • lexicon

Recent examples (BA, MA, PhD)


– as in: a linguistic approach to Chinese writing

  • developments in the Chinese character script,
  • its influence on other writing systems,
  • the impact of printing and digital revolutions
  • alternative written modes in the sinophone world
  • ludic writing
  • alphabetical orthographies
  • linguistic systems of transcription



– language as a biological system

  • Darwinian mechanisms in linguistic variation
  • the semantic origins of syntax
  • neurological memetics



3. What I can offer

In terms of teaching philosophy


In three consecutive steps:

  • Original observation(s)
  • Research question(s)
  • Analysis














Updated 17 May 2023